Preparation Tips Before LASIK Eye Surgery

Eyecare is crucial when you are young to avoid dealing with sight problems during old age. However, some eye issues develop as you age, and only medical procedures can correct them. Laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgery is one such treatment designed to correct vision for nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatic patients. LASIK eye surgery boats impressive results since most patients have improved sight a few hours after the procedure. That said, patients should prepare for LASIK eye surgery for a smooth process and enhanced recovery. This article highlights vital preparation tips before the eye surgery.

Drink Lots of Water 

The first thing a surgeon will tell you to do before the LASIK procedure is to drink a lot of water. For instance, if you are two weeks away from the procedure, you should up the amount of water you drink. The reason is that the eyes tend to get dry after LASIK eye surgery, leaving you with a scratchy, uncomfortable feeling for a few hours. Therefore, drinking more water before the procedure ensures that your eyes are adequately hydrated even after the surgery. Moreover, drinking more water accelerates the healing process so that you can get back to your routine fast.

Find a Driver

Although LASIK eye surgery takes some time, your eye must be relaxed when you walk into a surgery room. Therefore, you should look for a driver to shuttle you to a surgery centre so that you do not strain your eyes when driving. In addition, since you will have an eye patch for a couple of hours to protect your vision from bright light and debris, a designated driver should take you back home. Besides, a surgeon will not allow you to drive home after LASIK eye surgery because of the medication in your system. Therefore, ask a family member or a close friend to be your designated driver.

Avoid Contact Lenses for a Few Days

Wearing contacts for a long time alters the position of the cornea, which is the last thing you want before LASIK eye surgery. Notably, an altered cornea can affect the procedure's results; hence, a surgeon must be cautious when working on such an eye. In this regard, a surgeon will ask you to stop wearing contact lenses for a couple of days, depending on whether you wear soft or hard contacts. However, you can wear glasses during this period so that your eye can adjust well to the change.

To learn more about eye surgery, contact an optometrist.

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